Our medical team includes the following physicians:

Ajay K. Arora, M.D.
Board-certified Neurologist

Ajay K. Arora, M.D.Dr. Arora joined Clinical Neurosciences of Tampa Bay in 2001 and has served as the medical director of the Stroke and Neurovascular Program for Morton Plant Mease since then. Dr. Arora has lectured extensively locally and nationally on the subject of Stroke and Parkinson’s disease and has written book chapters on preventative and emergency management of stroke. (Read more…)

Daniel D. Cabello, M.D.
Board-certified Neurologist

Daniel D. Cabello, M.D.Dr. Cabello joined Clinical Neurosciences of Tampa Bay in 2007 but has served as ¬†director of the Epilepsy Service at Morton Plant Hospital since 2005. He is a Harvard trained epileptologist with vast experience in the latest epilepsy treatments such as epilepsy surgery, Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) therapy, ketogenic diet, and the use of new antiepileptic drugs. During his two year Epilepsy fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Cabello gained expertise in the management of complicated epilepsy patients, interpretation of EEG, Polysomnography and evoked potentials, and participated in clinical and basic research involving antiepileptic drugs and advanced imaging techniques. During his fellowship, he also trained and is board certified in Sleep Medicine. He has medical privileges at Morton Plant Hospital, Tampa General Hospital, Mease Countryside Hospital and actively participates in the weekly epilepsy conference at Tampa General Hospital to discuss epilepsy surgery cases with other regional epileptologists. (Read more…)